Adolphe bridge in Luxembourg city

I’m Katya and I have been living in Luxembourg since 2011. I came to this little cozy country from Russia, after 1o crazy and busy years in Moscow where I had studied management, where I had worked as a business development director for an investment company and law firm specialized in public private partnership projects. It was intensive, crazy and full of unpredictability period of my life. I was happy, I was sad, I was full of emotions. In 2011 it was time to turn the page and start my life almost from the blank page: I moved to Luxembourg to join my love, to have family and find new opportunities for my professional growth.

I’m still a tourist in Luxembourg. I love to discover hidden secret locations and become familiar with people and places. The country gives the clue to the most curious, patient and grateful newcomers. You just need to wait and you will find tones of amazing places and people.

Here in my blog I will publish information which I like and want to share with other bloggers and visitors of my page about this little country in the heart of Europe. Enjoy your virtual travel with me and stay tuned!