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Luxembourg in blossom

Days are longer and warmer, we see more and more blue sky above our heads and office windows show not grey but sunny green landscape so it is impossible to be concentrated on… Continue reading

Snow. Volume 2

At the end of January winter finally came to the city. We planned to go to do ski in the Alps on that weekend. Although we hadn’t booked anything in advance and, as… Continue reading


One day in September me and Polinavdomike decided to go out to test her new camera. It is obvious, that if a person does not have a bit of talent even a camera of the… Continue reading

Luxembourg Autumn 2014

Summer came to Luxembourg with the first days of September. The Nature mixed all the seasons and gifted us with the warm sunny Indian Summer. I started my Autumn 2014 with roller blading.… Continue reading

Umbrellas in the sky

Last week l came occasionally to the city center and I was surprised by the decoration the city had put on streets. To be precise – above the street which is called rue… Continue reading

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Today I met my neighbor. I can not say he was happy to see me. And the reason was my high heels. Yes, I wear high heels inside the apartment in morning and… Continue reading

Moien !

Good morning, world! I already have a long to-do list for today. Although, I hope I will be able to find time to look around myself, to notice and enjoy simple pleasures which… Continue reading

Good morning !

Can a morning in a middle of the winter be good ? Of course ! With a cup of coffee which warms your hands, breeze of fresh air and understanding that you are granted… Continue reading

One day in December

Despite the fact that December is the first winter month the winter has lost its way to Luxembourg this year. It is already mid of January but we still put on autumn coats… Continue reading

Christmas in Luxembourg

Although the Christmas season is officially over in Europe I have another reason to prolong Chrismas mistery – on 7 January we will celebrate the Orthodox – or Russian – Christmas. My angel… Continue reading

Cultural seasons in Luxembourg. Winter 2013-2014

Yes, you may say “What ? Cultural life in Luxembourg? Does it exist?”. Here I should reassure you, as since this year the cultural life in Luxembourg has expanded its borders. What does… Continue reading

Luxembourg for coffee lovers

The summer is definitely over. It is hard to say that there is a season called “summer” in Luxembourg. Although, those 20 days we enjoyed sun and enormous heat in June are already… Continue reading