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On-line education. Everything is possible !

After graduation from the master program at the University of Luxembourg I have decided that no more full-time programs at any Uni. However, I am not going to stop my education. I just… Continue reading

World’s biggest tech communities

I have found an interesting stat on the world’s biggest tech communities aka Silicon valleys of the world. Interesting data, especially if to look closely on EU: Germany is a leader, while Luxembourg… Continue reading

Cloud presentation

Last Friday it was the first time I saw presentation which was done based on cloud technology. And that was awesome! No standard power point slides, no boring charts and bullet points, no… Continue reading

Pécha Cucha

In our marketing class in uni we were supposed to present the final assignment in PechaKucha format. At the very beginning I was really skeptical: very limited, no place for fantasy and imagination. In… Continue reading

Presentation technology

Very useful gadget if you need to record voice for your presentation. The program allows you to record the voice on a video or presentation or any file on your computer and upload… Continue reading

Techoport & Business Incubator

Хорошая новость для молодых и не очень предпринимателей: в Люксембурге строится бизнес инкубатор. Что это значит? Это значит, что если ваш проект или бизнес-идея интересна, уникальная и способствует развитию экономики страны то вы… Continue reading