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Riga: my addresses

What can be more disappointing for a traveler than tasteless food in a restaurant, horrible service in a hotel, well promoted, crowded and therefore, places without personality, closed doors of museums or incorrect… Continue reading

Riga from the bird’s eye

Taking a look on a city from the tallest building is a well known and popular entertainment. There are several reasons behind it: you may see the entire town as on 3D map;… Continue reading

Art Neuveau on streets of Old Riga

Narrow streets, hight windows – typical landscape for old Riga These Art Neuveau Giants are in a good company of St. Paul’s bell tower  Jacob’s barracks have been transformed nowadays in to souvenier… Continue reading

Discovering Riga

Well, at the beginning I was thinking of making one post only on Riga and its streets. However, I have made hundreds of photos and it is impossible to put all the impressions from the… Continue reading

Riga in Christmas lights

The first weekend of December we took a Ryanair flight from Belgium airport Charleroi and in two hours we stepped out on the Latvian land. In 15 minutes we arrived to our hotel in… Continue reading