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Discovering Majorca

I have to admit that a two-week trip to Majorca is extremely short and fast. You either stay near the water on a beach or driving all the day from the north to… Continue reading

Majorca beaches

I must admit this two week visit to the island was pretty lazy. We didn’t move a lot, we stayed almost in the same area in the north of the island in Can… Continue reading

Cap de Formentor on Majorca

One of the remarkable trip we did on Majorca was the visit of the Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of the island. The road to the point is marvellous on its own.… Continue reading

Majorca: our hotel VIVA Can Picafort

Travelling with a 3-year old child changes travel habits completely. The nap schedule. food preferences, even interests of little one make you review and adjust your plans for holidays. I don’t want to… Continue reading