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Discovering Côte de Beaune wine region in Burgundy: the heaven for wine lovers

There is no need to make a special introduction to Burgundy. Even people have nothing in common with wine, heard about this region in France. Similar to Bordeaux and Champagne, these names have… Continue reading

Burgundy by bicycle

If a day before you had a five-hour dinner in Michelin restaurant then I may guess with the probability of 100% that you will need a recovery program the very next day. For… Continue reading

My Michelin dinning experience at Maison Lameloise

Last summer we had great experience with the dining in 3-star Michelin restaurant in Burgundy. I strongly believe that the time when you travel just to see well-known sightseeings is over. Nowadays we… Continue reading

Vineyards in the snow

Last Sunday we went out for a walk in Moselle valley. It was snowing all the weekend and the country was covered by the thick layer of fluffy snow. Like in my childhood we tried… Continue reading

Route du vin of Luxembourg: 32 km by velo

We have started our trip with a good breakfast in Remich, in one of those numerous cafe with the perfect view on Moselle river and the main square of the town. Sunday morning… Continue reading

Time to drink. Time to drink Crément!

When I moved to Luxembourg I discovered this God blessed drink and my love story started. At a party I prefer to take a glass of crément than any cocktail. It is light,… Continue reading

Machtum. Walking in vineyards

В один из редких солнечных выходных октября мы собрали волю в кулак, собрались сами и с самого утра (то есть часам к 11) выбрались на природу. Выбрав предварительно треккинговый маршрут не супер сложный… Continue reading