Cap de Formentor on Majorca

One of the remarkable trip we did on Majorca was the visit of the Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of the island. The road to the point is marvellous on its own.… Continue reading

Insider’s tips: Welcome to Los Angeles, California

Have you already forgotten my Insider’s tips edition? Here you go, tips and hints about the famous, luxurious and fabulous California. Nobody will deny that he would be happy to visit it at… Continue reading

Insider’s tips: Beautiful British Columbia. Love from the first sight.

As some of you may know my sister lives in Vancouver. She has been living in the British Columbia enough to become an expert in local life and discover all these hidden lovely… Continue reading

Saint Valentin’s surprise

I didn’t plan anything special for the St.Valentin’s day since we hadn’t had habit to celebrate it. Therefore my to-do list for that weekend was usual: to get flowers at the Saturday market,… Continue reading

Majorca: our hotel VIVA Can Picafort

Travelling with a 3-year old child changes travel habits completely. The nap schedule. food preferences, even interests of little one make you review and adjust your plans for holidays. I don’t want to… Continue reading

Baie de Somme

I visited the Bay of Somme at the end of October 2014. It was sunny weekend, warm and lazy – the perfect time for being outside and have relaxed walk in fields and… Continue reading

Russian winter

Very often… No, actually, all the time people keep asking me, how it is, to be Russian: – Do you drink vodka? – Of course, all the day. I start my day from… Continue reading

Riga: my addresses

What can be more disappointing for a traveler than tasteless food in a restaurant, horrible service in a hotel, well promoted, crowded and therefore, places without personality, closed doors of museums or incorrect… Continue reading

Riga from the bird’s eye

Taking a look on a city from the tallest building is a well known and popular entertainment. There are several reasons behind it: you may see the entire town as on 3D map;… Continue reading

Snow. Volume 2

At the end of January winter finally came to the city. We planned to go to do ski in the Alps on that weekend. Although we hadn’t booked anything in advance and, as… Continue reading

Mosel walk: Greiveldange

I continue discovering vineyards of Luxembourg Moselle valley. This time we have chosen a 10-km trail around Greiveldange village. This small village is hidden between hills and vineyards and off the famous tourist… Continue reading

Vineyards in the snow

Last Sunday we went out for a walk in Moselle valley. It was snowing all the weekend and the country was covered by the thick layer of fluffy snow. Like in my childhood we tried… Continue reading