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Czech Switzerland: heaven for geo tourism

What do you know about Czech Republic? Good beer, cheap (nowadays not so cheap) food and hotels, land of castles and fortresses, mineral water resort, full of German pensioners and Russians. It is… Continue reading

Ski time in Chamonix

It is time to unfold the ski, put on the boots and take the lift to 2000 m above the sea – to the ski paradise. off-pists skiing A blue pist To come… Continue reading


As winter does not want to come to Luxembourg we will come to its home place. By the end of January we saw snow 1,5 times. This is a scandal and broken heart… Continue reading

Healthy addiction ?

It is already two years since I have been in love. In love with jogging. My way to mid- and long-distance run was not easy and fast. I did some attempt to do… Continue reading

Как я НЕ бежала полумарафон

Еще в прошлом году, катая коляску со спящей мелкой по дорожкам парка, я заглядвалась на таблички-указатели ING марафона. И решила для себя, что в 2013 – обязательно-обязательно.

Let’s do sport !

After one and a half year of living in Luxembourg I have discovered a swimming pool. No, not because all swimming pools are hidden in a forest or catacombs. The reason, as usual,… Continue reading

на зарядку становись!

В понедельник, по дороге в Auchan, была поймана и зажата в угол активным товарищем со стопкой бланков, который бросился ко мне, радостно улыбаясь и протягивая ручку. “Ну все”, – с тоской подумала я,… Continue reading