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Walk along the Regent canal in London city

Everyone knows Camden market. Everyone visits Camden Town. Although the walk along the Regent canal is not among the top-10 attractions. I may say it is a big mistake to miss this picturesque… Continue reading

One day walk in London

I was surprised by the number of parks and other green areas in the city. Ok, Luxembourg is the greenest capital of Europe. However, there are 100K inhabitants in Luxembourg compare to 8.4M in London.… Continue reading

London: Covent Garden Market

There is something special in visiting markets when travelling abroad. Probably because at the market place you may see the quotidian life without showing off and you, as a tourist, is allowed to… Continue reading

A bit of City and the Borough market

Despite the fact that London is a huge city we were able to visit almost all interesting parts of it without hurry. If the weather was better I would stay on a street… Continue reading

London eye

I truly believe that the city opens its face when you take slow walks along its streets, when you live couple days the life of locals following the bites of the megapolis. Therefore… Continue reading

London in details

When you are in a city like London which impresses its visitors with the volume and amplitude, which dominates over inhabitants and squeezes people like a lemon, when after couple hours of observing city’s… Continue reading

London: a brand with an excellent promotion campaign

Well, let’s start from the beginning. Since my childhood when my class mates went to summer language schools on Malta, Cyprus and in UK and then went back full of impressions and new… Continue reading