Grocery stores of national cuisines in Luxembourg

When you are far from your home country the homesickness can be even stronger in a blue periods of the life. To cheer up yourself and sweeten you days with a piece of homeland you might need the magic address where home is closer. In this post I give you the list of grocery stores which provide food, beverages, books and numerous other pleasant and familiar things that bring us closer to our roots.

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Russian food store. Products are either imported from Russia or produced in Germany. You may also buy books in Russian, toys, aromatic oils in the store.

rue Bonnevoie, Luxembourg

Algo Mais Brasil

Import and sale of Brazilian products. Online ordering and/or store pick up possible. At 81 rue Gare-Usines, L-3481 Dudelange.


Tel: 26 56 83 97


Supermarket and wholeseller specialised in Italian food, also fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, wines and spirits. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00-19:00. At 12A rue d’Arlon, L-8399 Windhof (side road in the industrial park).

Tel: 26 39 30 75

Tandoori Store

The first online store in Luxembourg. More than 300 products online.Authentic Indian groceries including fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, lentils, ready-to-eat meals, spices, softs drinks and popular Indian beers, rums and liqueurs. At 225 rue de Beggen, L-1221 Luxembourg.


Tel: 27 29 03 71

Indian grocery

Good choice of Indian food together with aroma oil, rose water, henna, products for home and hygiene. I recommend to get basmati there as the rice in Auchan is very bad quality. The rose water which is the must for ladies as it is the best tonic ever costs 1.5 euro only. I might say, you get it for free.

At 36, rue Sainte Zithe, L-2763 Luxembourg

New World Supermarket

Asian food store. Also selling cutlery and craftswork. Open Monday to Saturday from 09:30-19:00. At 10-12 rue 1900, L-2157 Luxembourg.

Tel: 48 19 38

Asia Market

Specialist of Asian products including fresh fruits and vegetables. Open non-stop daily from 09:00-19:00 including Sunday from 10:00-17:00. At 5 rue du Fort Elisabeth, L-1463 Luxembourg.


Tel: 26 19 65 62


Exotic and African food and products (specialised: Togo). At 20 rue des Trévires, L-2628 Luxembourg.

Epicerie Créole

Grocery shop selling Creole food products and many exotic spices. At 58 rue Pierre Krier, L-1880 Luxembourg.


Tel: 29 01 68

Enoteca Italiana

Store specialised in Italian wines, spirits and artisanal food, including organic wines. At 25 rue St Ulric, L-2651 Luxembourg.


Tel: 26 26 29 84

Linosa’s Kitchen

Italian delicatessen offering a selection of high quality products (meats, cheeses, pasta, sauces, sweets) and a wide selection of wines and olive oils. At 28, rue Albert 1er, L-1117 Luxembourg.


Tel: 44 70 01

Smyrgala Blazej

Products from Poland in Luxembourg (ham,cheese, pierogi, kabanosy ). Auto-Shop. Friday-Ettelbruck Monday-Marnach, Tuesday- Diekirch.


Tel: 691 25 26 08

Little Britain

Family run business selling groceries, tea, postcards and various products imported straight from the UK and the US. Large selection of books and magazines in English. At 1c route d’Arlon, L-8310 Capellen.


Tel: 26 31 08 56

Vicente & Fils

Spanish specialties, such as wines, ham, cheese, olive oil for individuals and restaurants. At 70 rue de l’Ecole, L-8353 Garnich.


Tel: 26 43 06 50

La Rioja

The specialist in Spanish wine and fine food. At 95 avenue Guillaume, L-1651 Luxembourg.


Tel: 44 42 98 1

Au Gourmet Grec

Greek food, olive oil, olives, cheese, wines and spirits. Also selling cosmetics. Open Monday from 14:00-18:00, Tuesday to Friday from 09:30-18:30 and Saturday from 09:30-18:00. At 87 rue de Bonnevoie, L-1260 Luxembourg.


Tel: 26 48 11 77


Groceries including bakery, fish and game, gifts and magazines from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Scanshop also hosts a café, serving Scandinavian sandwiches and food, plus a catering service. At 615 rue de Neudorf, L-2220 Luxembourg.


Tel: 42 30 63

Aldo Bei & Fils

Supermarket: the specialist of Italian food. Fresh food, groceries, wines and drinks. At zone Industrielle Letzebuerger Heck, L-3844 Schifflange.

Tel: 55 06 08-1

La Provence Gourmande

Large choice of Provencal and French products: Oil, herbs, honey, jam, olives and many other Mediterranean specialities. Closed on Sunday. Home delivery service. At 332 route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg.


Tel: 26 45 99 91

La Zitouna

Halal butcher. At 10 Rue des Prés, L-8039 Strassen.

Tel: 31 60 72

Fio d’Azeite

Shop offering exclusive traditional Portuguese products (olive oil, liquors, pates, etc). At Galerie Beaumont, 56 Grand-Rue, L-1660 Luxembourg.


Tel: 26 26 26 01

L’Instant Café

A nice brasserie to enjoy a fresh coffee or choose from a range of selected coffees and teas. At City Concorde, 80 route de Longwy, L-8060 Bertrange.

Tel: 44 46 92

Danish Deli

Danish restaurant and shop with a wide selection of danish delicatessen. Exclusive wine cellars, take away. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 07:30 until 20:00. At 3, rue Beck, L-1222 Luxembourg


Tel: 26 20 17 36

Shopes in Trier, Metz and other towns on a border:

Russian grocery “Petite Russie”
45, rue Fournirue, 57000 METZ

Тел.: 03 87 37 87 59

Mix Markt

Russian, Polish, Balkan, Turkish and Asian products in the biggest grocery store for national cuisine  in Trier

Mix Markt 49 oHG, HR A 40413

9 Am Weidengraben, 54296 Trier

Tel: 0651/1460657


The material from AngloInfo Luxembourg is partly used in this post.